About us

CA Bhadresh Shah & Associates, Chartered Accounting firms, CA Bhadresh Shah & Associates (BSA) is a leading bookkeeping company making extensive professional solutions which include Separate Review & Guarantee, US GAAP Restatement, Foreign Exchange and Regulating Talking to, Reorientating and Value, Accounting and Business Assistance, Employees Recruiting, Legal and Clerical Assistance and Control Talking to and Tax Company, Tax Review and Advice on Direct and Oblique Taxation. BSA(Bhadresh Shah & Associats) was established in Ahmedabad, the Fund Capital of Gujarat with CA.Bhadresh Shah at the helm of matters exercising from so many years.

Our company provides solutions to large array of business & sectors as well as non-profit companies. The consumer group includes Great Net-worth People, Collaboration Firms, Private & Public Industry Business, Government. & Partial Government. Organizations, Medical centers and Educational Organizations etc. To satisfy with the customers extensive needs, the company provides broad range of specialised solutions in the field of Accounts, Review, Taxation, Project Fund, Investment, Company Regulations, ISO Qualifications, Service Tax, VAT, HR Company and Inspirational and Self Development Training to People & Business customers.

BSA is expertly managed by an Professional Team. These persons are responsible for the Company's Ideal and Functional Control. The Firm includes staff which takes ultimate liability for the government of the Firm. This enables the company to keep speed with modern technical improvements and to fulfill the needs of its customers.

Today, BSA has earned a amazing popularity amongst its various customers and loves their faith, trust and a good popularity. We strongly believe in providing our customers most useful, consistent, and cost-efficient and immediate qualitative solutions. Not only we offer business solutions to them but regularly and appropriate update increase their information and increase their attention about the essential conditions of various laws and good current business and industrial methods so that their approach would be practical rather than sensitive and they will stand above the competition.

BSA's top quality of solutions is the result of hands-on participation of elderly people in all essential projects, regular internal reviews, respect for customer's information, skills and reviews, determination to reply to customer concerns outside the officially described opportunity of work and proprietors' connections at the top level. In our company we endeavor to outshine all the factors of quality and offer the best of solutions with highest reliability.


To provide our respected customers with the finest quality services in a appropriate, effective and impressive way by an established group that clearly loves working together to surpass their customers' needs.


To Secure, Ensure and Add Value to customer's interest on a maintainable basis by sticking to professional values, intellect, reliability and freedom indicating a informative and purpose approach.

Our Values

  • To place the interest of the consumer before that of the company wherever the situation requirements.
  • To endeavor always to enhance the quality of solutions and play a role our reasonable proportion of expert abilities, values, capabilities, time and information to our expert group and group at large.
  • To sustain a close identification, personal & friendly connection with all our customers, no matter how big or small they are.
  • To be an established company of reputation making healthy and many solutions in various sections under one ceiling to all those who are part of driving financial development of the nation regardless of size.
  • Imparting and giving our information and opinions with the people logically on a ongoing base making them practical.