Our Services

Accountancy and Auditing
Statutory Evaluation for every company authorized in Indian as per the Companies Act.

  • Statutory Evaluation under Cultures, Trust & Financial Act.
  • Tax Evaluation u/s 44AB of the Income Tax Act.
  • Internal/Management Audit/Concurrent Evaluation.
    1. Perform Inner Evaluation to look at the Inner Control Systems of the Company.
    2. Review the Legal Conformity of the Company.
  • Fraud/Investigation Evaluation.
  • Stock Evaluation.
  • Accounting Freelancing Work.
  • Preparation of Bookkeeping Guides.
  • Designing, Creating & Applying Sound Bookkeeping System.
  • Induction Training for Records & Finance People in the Company.
  • Due Persistence Reviews and Financial Declaration Predictions.
  • US GAAP Restatement.